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Lake Garda - Torbole (Italy)

One of my favourite locations, the spot is worldwide famous for windsurfing and sailing. Annually there are held various championships such as T293, Kona and Windsurfer classes. A wonderful location ideal for the intensity and frequency of the days of good wind, but also for the magnificent landscape that can be enjoyed both while sailing in the water and while relaxing on it's shores.

The spot works mainly with a thermal wind, the so called "Ora", which blows from the South, and from March to October, and from 12-13 o'clock up to late afternoon, during sunny days.

In fact, it rises because of the pressure difference between air on the lake (colder and heavier) and the air above the mountains and valleys at the North of the lake (warmer and lighter). So the cold air moves towards North to take place of warm air, which rises high in the sky. In good days, the "Ora" can reach about 20-25 knots, with a pretty good chop of one meter. If you have low pressure, or too much cloudy skies above mountains, the "Ora" doesn't blow, or is unsteady, because the air, there, doesn't become enough warm.

Northern Garda lake offers also the possibility to practise other sports, like trekking, free-climbing, and mountain bike ridings. But you can have also wonderful relaxing ridings with city bikes along the track that joins Torbole to Riva del Garda. I often have relaxing ride with my bike in the early morning along this track, during my summer week-ends in Torbole, and have pleasant breakfast at one of the many bars on the lake shore, enjoying the peace of the place in that moment of the day.

If you want to have a good dinner, local surfers suggest:

- Alla Lega, at Arco di Trento.

- Ai Conti, at Arco di Trento.

- Alla Grotta, at Arco di Trento.

- La Cantinota, at Arco di Trento.

- Speck Stube, at Malcesine.

- Kapuziner, at Riva del Garda.

Last thing to say is that during summer week-ends, and during August the spot is crowded (also lots of traffic along the road between Riva and Torbole), but anyway you can find your way and place, both in the water and at the beach. Indeed, you can enjoy more the spot during spring time (better wind and less crowd).

Source/Credit: Waterwind.It

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