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Mistral Windsurf - Quickslide & Zonda

Following on from our renewed focus upon windsurfing and getting back to basics, we also acknowledge the need to create boards and rigs for the go-fast sailor who wants to hook in and hold on in a stiffer breeze and where better to look than to Freeride boards, one of the most popular of windsurfing niche interests.

We could set out to reinvent the wheel, explore new horizons in windsurfing, but the facts are, not withstanding foiling, a very sports specific addition, we’ve partnered with Simmer in order to create Mistral branded Quickslide Freeride 100, 110 and 120L boards and in addition sails and rigs to match.

This strategic alliance makes sense on a number of levels. Both Mistral and Simmer represent two of the oldest investors into the windsurfing market, who helped forge pioneering spirits in the early days of the sport. Both companies want to see a resurgence in the sport and therefore it is ideal for both parties to see renewed growth across the spectrum that windsurfing affords the end-user.

With the addition of rigs, it makes sense to offer complete packages so as to create a one stop buy-in solution to rig and board. We will be in initially offering our Zonda range of sails in 5.4m, 6.5m and 7.8m, beautifully colour co-ordinated to match our boards of green, blue and orange!

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