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Windsurf Club - Windsurf Academy - Α.Ο.Γ.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

A newly established sports club that was founded in 2016 in the area of ​​municipality 3B. Its main purposes are to spread the sport of sailing through windsurf classes, as well as regular sports and the use of sports facilities, for athletic performance and distinction, the participation of its athletes in national and world level competitions, the holding of competitions and other events, the psychosomatic exercise as a factor of mental and physical well-being in the pursuit of closer bonds of philanthropy, understanding and purity as and respect and love for the marine environment.

What definitely makes it a very different sports club is that of course, except for its athletes, all its members do windsurfing and have a special love for this so exciting sport. In a club where everyone speaks the same language and communicates on the same wavelength, the future holds great promise for the Windsurf Club. Windsurf Academy - Α.Ο.Γ. is waiting for you all, to guide you and perhaps introduce you to the most social, exciting and fastest growing sport in the world!

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